Altar :=: Source – Music on Main: Emerge on Main

On April 23rd, I will be featured as one the emerging artists for Music on Main’s Concert: Emerge on Main at the Fox Cabaret. I will be sharing the stage with fellow emerging artists, Alex Mah and Julia Chien. For this concert I have created a new piece entitled: Altar :=: Source

I am working with prepared guitar and recordings from tapes I found at my Aunt’s house in Australia, recorded by my Grandfather in Sri Lanka – circa 1970ish. The tapes document my Grandfather singing his own melodies to portions of the text from the Bhagavad Gita. These melodies are my source material, and my guitar the interpreter, as all the melodies are sung in Old Tamil (which I do not speak). These tapes are the only way I have heard my Grandfather’s voice. I am so excited to have the opportunity to present this work. It has become so dear to me and is acting as an investigation into my mixed-race identity and history.

I hope to see you there.





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