Matthew Ariaratnam is a composer who likes to work with sound as a sonic material and as a point of connection to create happenings and relational interactions (intra-actions). He manages this through practices of field recording, soundwalking, and making site-specific performance. He engages with ideas of ontology, epistemology, and phenomenology. Matthew focuses on how the act of listening is a way of being in the world that provides specific knowledge and sensorial information. This type of listening informs our relationships to others, ourselves, and with spaces at single points of time.

As a collaborator, Matthew has created sound design for dance, theatre, and video installations. He has been involved in the projects: harley smallco.crea.tive, dumbpop, waylaid, organic strategies, sweet pieces, code of silence, furry n@vel, and mice bards. His music has been heard nationally on CBC radio and internationally.

Matthew has a Bachelor Degree in Music Composition from Wilfrid Laurier University where he studied with Peter Hatch, Linda Catlin Smith, Glenn Buhr, and Terry McKenna. He is currently at Simon Fraser University, in the Master of Fine Arts Program, where he works as a teaching assistant and studies with composer, Arne Eigenfeldt.

In his spare time, he co-produces and hosts the show RE:composition on Vancouver Co-op Radio. He can often be found with his head in the clouds, nose in a book, or ears tuned into a new soundscape.


Matthew Ariaratnam Photo 1