Sonic Divination

Sonic Divination was a method to create and improvise by myself during the pandemic in 2021. I played around with inspiration from a tarot deck called the Tantric Dakini Oracle that has themes referencing images and philosophy in Hinduism and Buddhism. I would pull a card and record my first impressions of that card. I tried to make it a goal to record at least one improvisation a day. This is a selection of the result. The majority of the music you hear are subsequent first takes layered on top of each other to distill down the energy of the card pulled at that moment of time. The titles of the tracks are the names of the cards.

January 29 is the only track with no relation to a card from the Dakini Oracle, but it was the first track I recorded when I started this project and was created in the same way as all of the Tarot inspired tracks. First takes layered on top of each other.

10 of Pentacles is inspired by the same card in the Hermetic Tarot deck.

Thanks as always for listening to my music. This one goes out to my guitar teacher, Terry McKenna, who helped me figure out I was a guitar weirdo.

Performed by
Matthew Ariaratnam – Electric Guitar

January 29, 10 of Pentacles, 5 Minute Puja recorded by Matthew Ariaratnam

Living Goddess, Just Passing Through, Like a Bubble, and Blow Your Mind recorded by Harley Small

Mixed by Matthew Ariaratnam
Mastered by Harley Small

Artwork by Jocelyn Sanchez –

Music Copyright © Matthew Ariaratnam 2022


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