Auditory Borderlands – sounding the Dusk Meridian

Performance | Auditory Borderlands – sounding The Dusk Meridian from Vancouver Art Gallery on Vimeo.

Come check this show out April 28th at 8:15pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite (1100 W Georgia St)

Taking the sculptural and lighting elements of Keith Langergraber’s installation, The Dusk Meridian, as a polydimensional score, an ensemble of Vancouver-based musicians will create an ambient musical reading of the piece. The musicians will be arranged within the plaza to create an immersive spatial experience, and audience members will be encouraged to move through the space to create their own uniquely shifting aural and visual perspectives.

Performed by Adrian Avandaño, Matthew Ariaratnam, Ross Birdwise, Soressa Gardner and prOphecy sun.

Thanks to Vancouver New Music and Vancouver Art Gallery


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