TV8E S3 E3 • Rumble Itch

I played a set with Chloe Ziner and Tom Wherret (3 guitars!) for TV8E. Here is some more information and a link to the stream.

Live Musicians: Matthew Ariaratnam – guitar, Chloe Ziner – guitar, Tom Wherrett – guitar

Kyra Tabernero – Engineer

Films from the NOW Society Creative Music Series #10:

Songs and Stories for a New Path and Paradigm Curated By Dr. Lisa Cay Miller and Douglas R. Ewart

facing in: Davu Seru – drums, Dailin Hsieh – zheng, Vicky Mettler – guitar, JP Carter – trumpet, Feven Kidane – trumpet, Douglas R. Ewart – saxophone and flute, Sheldon Zaharko – Engineer

Rumble Itch: Lisa Cay Miller – piano, Michelle Kinney – cello and electronics, Éric Normand – electric bass and electronics, Sheldon Zaharko – Engineer

see you later animator: Douglas Kearney – voice, Ida Toninato – electronics, Cesar Chew – drums, Ron Ruiten – Engineer


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