Painting Music – One-Page Score Project

Friday, March 12, 2021; 4PM PST – Watch on YouTube

Matthew Ariaratnam (music), Allyson Clay (score) – When ennui has a throbbing soul (in three parts)
Parmela Attariwala (music), Luciana Santos (score) – Earth dreams
Terri Hron (music), Terra Long (score) – Marked in dark purple
David Benchekroun (music), ESCE (score)
Robyn Jacob (music), Janet Oxley (score) – Start
Meteoric (music), Derek von Essen (score) – Trajectory / Transformation

Friday March 19, 2021; 4PM PST – Watch on Youtube

Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa (music), Trudi Diening (score) – From Dark to Light
Stefan Smulovitz (music), Nadina Tandy (score) – Acorn
Sundar Subramanian (music), Marilyn Browning (score) – Would you open this door?
Anne-F Jacques (music), Noé Rodríguez (score)
Sam Meadahl (music), Maeve Talbot-Kelly (score)
Graham Ord (music), Lorelei Pepi (score) – Gradiance


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