Isolation Commission #51

Thanks to Mark Haney and Music on Main for this opportunity!

Commissioned by Music on Main

Meditative Isolation by Matthew Ariaratnam

Video by Marcelo L. Vieira

Isolation Commission #51 is the fourth of eight commissioned by Music on Main to support their Emerge on Main artists, and features guitarist/composer Matthew Ariaratnam exploring the sound world of the electric guitar. This video is a pair with #50, which also features electric guitar exploration; we thought it would be cool to pair these incredible emerging artists with established performers on the same instrument.

Matthew Ariaratnam is an interdisciplinary sound artist, composer, guitarist, and listener based in Vancouver. He creates sensory walks, writes dumbpop and chamber music, and frequently collaborates with choreographers, visual artists, and theatre-makers. His work has been heard in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

Emerge on Main shines a spotlight on up-and-coming classical, new, and genre-bending musicians. With Little Chamber Music’s “Isolation Commissions,” Music on Main is supporting alumni artists from the last three seasons.

To support front line artists in this unprecedented time, and to foster reflections on that time from our musical community, Little Chamber Music has created the Isolation Commissions. For $200, commissioners got to choose an artist to film a 4min video of themselves performing at home, something that reflects the impact our extraordinary social situation is having on their artistic practice. It might be an improvisation, a favourite piece, a work that brings comfort, a work in progress….that was up to the artist. These videos are meant to be a snapshot of the lives of front-line artists who have been heavily impacted by our current crisis, and the hope is that, when we get through this, collectively they will form an artistic reflection of this unprecedented and difficult time.

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