Secret City: Before the House

Secret City

Before the House is performed and written by Julie Hammond. Music, recording, and sound design by Matthew Ariaratnam. Before the House is part of Secret City Vancouver 2018.

Secret City is an audio adventure to discover the unknown side of a city. Secret City plays with your perspective of, and your connections to, ordinary public spaces, revealing the secret life of a city that you would never otherwise be privy to. It is about transforming our perceptions of the ordinary in our own lives into the extraordinary of someone else’s.

Audiences embark on a unique and personal experience, presented by podcast, inspired by true stories shared by residents of each city and brought to life by local artists. Each episode is a play and a personal confession all rolled into one. Dive in and explore a new city, or your own, through someone else’s eyes.

Designed similar to a walking tour, each Secret City route is mobility aid accessible.

Secret City is conceived and curated by Heather Cant



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