dumbpop – Domestic Dream Deity

Hello Everyone,
Today, I am releasing Domestic Dream Deity – some of my little dumbpop songs.



They are recorded and mixed by the workhorse, Harley Edward Small at the space studios (www.thespacestudios.ca/)
The artwork for the digital release is created by the wonderful Jocelyn Sánchez (jocelynsanchez.daportfolio.com)
And the music is performed and arranged by
Matt Horrigan 🍗
Jasper D. Wrinch 🎸
Harley Small 🎸
and myself 🎶❤️🎸
It has been so much fun to work with all these wonderful people and I am really excited to share these little songs with you! I hope you enjoy them. I will have some new Rescued Cassettes at Selectors’ Records tonight at our record release.
Starts @ 8pm at 8 East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC. We will be sharing the space with Palm Haze and Reagan Mutt.
Come listen to some short songs and have a drink with me.

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