See Sounds Listening Series – Matthew Ariaratnam

For our nineteenth listening series we have invited musician Matthew Ariaratnam to be our guest presenter. Matthew is a composer, guitarist, and improviser, who likes to work with sound as a sonic material and as a point of connection to create happenings and relational interactions. He manages this through practices of field recording, soundwalking, musicking, and making site-specific performance. He engages with ideas of ontology, epistemology, and multimodal listening. Matthew focuses on how the act of listening is a way of being in the world that provides specific knowledge and sensorial information. This type of listening informs our relationships to others, ourselves, and with spaces at single points of time.

After our guest presentation, we open the floor for anyone who has come to share music and sound that they find interesting or inspiring. We have most available formats. We strive to create a space where we can listen together, and discuss our thoughts on music and sound.

Presented by Publik Secrets


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