A Walk for 09.09.17


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Photography by Krystle Coughlin.

A Walk for 09.09.17 was a walking practice that invited engagement of the senses through the geography of Vancouver and focused on being present. Traversing through Vancouver’s Chinatown and Strathcona neighbourhoods, the work explored site as a composition and invited the audience into the role of performer/composer. The audience was lead through a preconceived path of which they were unaware and were encouraged to listen, breathe, walk, and practice being in the present moment together. Throughout the walk, performers were encountered in specific locations where they were musically improvising. The work explored methods of listening, invitation, and sharing (listening) experiences with others.


Performed by:

Marcelo Vieira, Raj Gill, Matt Horrigan, Cory Thibert, Sydney Thorne, Kat Gimon, Ian McFarlane, Roxanne Charles, Harley Small, and Tegan Wahlgren.

Dramaturgy: Julie Hammond

Stage Management: Linnea Gwiazda

Picnic Design and Food: Nicola Rough

Special thanks to: Daryl Nelson at Pat’s Pub, Arne Eigenfeldt, Steven Hill, Jin-me Yoon, Rob Kitsos, Aryan Borboruah, Krystle Coughlin, Ben Wylie, Wyatt Scholten, Ocean Hyland, Suna Galay, the MFA and MA Cohort at SFU, and Grandma’s Palace.


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