A Walk for 09.09.17

A Walk for 09.09.17 is a practice of engaging with the senses, site, and presence. Traversing Vancouver’s Chinatown and Strathcona neighbourhoods, the work explores site as a composition and as a musical performer.

Meet at the northwest corner of Andy Livingstone Park. The walk begins at 2pm on September 9th and runs about 2 hours in length. Please note: we will not return to the starting point and the walk will happen rain or shine. Dress for the weather.

Reserve a spot here

Matthew Ariaratnam is a composer who likes to work with sound as a sonic material and as a point of connection to create happenings and relational interactions (intra-actions). He manages this through practices of field recording, soundwalking, and making site-specific performance. He engages with ideas of ontology, epistemology, and phenomenology. Matthew focuses on how the act of listening is a way of being in the world that provides specific knowledge and sensorial information. This type of listening informs our relationships to others, ourselves, and with spaces at single points of time.




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