BLiNK: a box of assorted creams

It’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Fight With a Stick + A Wake of Vultures bring you the return of an East Van favourite in a sparkly new package, filled to the brim with your FAVOURITE TREATS… and NEW ONES! Just in time for the-corporate-holiday-that-shall-not-be-named HERE YOU GO, YOU CAN HAVE IT:


A Box of Assorted Creams

February 10
The Russian Hall
600 Campbell Ave, Strathcona
$10-$15 sliding scale (TICKETS AT DOOR ONLY)
Doors at 7:30 / Show at 8

Brought to you by Fight With a Stick + A Wake of Vultures


A salacious evening where faster is better, featuring more than 30 acts and 60 performers, come and try SOME OF THESE TASTY CREAMS. Theatre, music, dance, puppets, performance art, new media, and all sorts of other nasty thangs you know these kooks are cooking up!

The show begins ALL AGES, everyone welcome! Families! SO SWEET. But you know what happens next… R-RATED set. XXXXtra Creamy. Take those kiddies home! Party down with drinks, and dancing in the main hall, then cool down in our velvety upstairs lounge with that charming cherry cordial you just smooched as they walked off the stage. TRÈS CHARMANTE. Come fill our beloved chocolatey coating, THE RUSSIAN HALL, with your sweet, creamy selves. IT’S A GO.


Legend of Creams:

billy marchenski
rice & beans theatre (Derek Chan & Pedro Chamale)
Caroline Liffman + Julie Hammond
O, o, o, o.
Delia Brett of MACHiNENOiSY with Andrea Brett
Marie Farsi + James Gordon King
Jennifer Mcleish-Lewis
Resounding Scream Theatre
The Wrecking Balls
Sasha Singer-Wilson + Caitlin Fysh + Julia Pileggi
Lexi Vajda
Andrew Laurenson
The Jamie and Sarah Experience Project
Elliot Vaughan + Carmine Santavenere
Christine Quintana
Nayana Fielkov
plastic orchid factory/Mutable Subject
Dumbpop (Matthew Ariaratnam)
Alanna Ho
Sarah Lubbe + Erin Michell
Ben Wylie
Kyle Loven
Francesca Frewer
Alexa Mardon
Anjela Magpantay + Avyen von Waldenburg
Dirty Audio
Huw Webb
johnny d trinh
Valerie Christiansen + Lara Abadir
Elysse Cheadle + Catherine Falkner
Natalie Tin Yin Gan + Ashley Whitehead
Dave Biddle
A Wake of Vultures
Fight with a Stick

Sound tech generously provided by Ira Jordison
Cat-herding by SM Taylor Janzen


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