The Danube

DP 2-8874DP 2-8897The_Danube_Edited-45The_Danube_Edited-25The_Danube_Edited-7The_Danube_Edited-6The_Danube_Edited-62The_Danube_Edited-37The_Danube_Edited-38

November 24-25: The Danube by María Irene Fornés; Studio T at SFU Woodward’s, Vancouver, BC; shows at 7pm. FREE

Directed by Julie Hammond
with Dominique Jenkins, Nicola Rough, Simon Garez, Patrick Blenkarn
Sound Design: Matthew Ariaratnam
Scenic Design:Josie Lee & Jake Lindsay
Lighting Design: Shahlla Karmali
Costume Design: Terra Deng

Choreography and Movement Direction: Sasha Ivanochko
Dramaturgy: Robert Leveroos
Maria Irene Fornes wrote The Danube in 1982. Julie Hammond directs this staging with performers Patrick Blenkarn, Simon Garez, Dominique Hat, and Nicola Rough, dramaturgy by Robert Leveroos, designer collaborators Matthew Ariaratnam, Terra Deng, Sasha Ivanochko, Shahlla Karmali, Josie Lee, Jake Lindsay, Ian McFarlane, and support from the Magyar Szinhaz.
Photos: First two images by Emily Bayrock
All other images by Vilhelm Sundin

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