Rebecca Bruton – Sugar’s Waste

I am performing with Rebecca Bruton for her final MFA graduating work. I also had the honour and pleasure of recording Rebecca’s album “Ponies Under Darkness” this past spring.

Sugar’s Waste is an experimental, theatrical music production by MFA candidate Rebecca Bruton. Featuring both songs and ambient textures, the work deals with physical and psychological acts of enclosure. Oscillating loosely between the fictitious ‘Range’ of early post-contact North America and ‘Sugar’s Waste’, an imaginary, techno-pastoral fallout zone, the performance evokes themes of partition and containment in occupied environs. Written for four voices, string quintet and live electronics, the music follows a timeline of circular growth and decay; sensuous contemplation amidst stunning, troubled territory.

Matthew Ariaratnam
Dave Chokroun
Paul Paroczai
Clara Shandler
Elliot Vaughan
Tegan Wahlgren
Ben Wylie

Original set design by Robert Leveroos

Staging by Gordon Havelaar

Rebecca Bruton is a composer, vocalist and violinist. Her work materializes in the terrains of avant-pop, new music, noise and sound art. As one half of the noise/sound-poetry duo Moss Moss Not Moss (with Canadian-Icelandic poet a rawlings), Rebecca has presented original work at Tectonics Festival Glasgow, and has had her composition and performance work featured on BBC’s Hear and Now radio program. She has released two full-length studio albums, under the pseudonym ‘Rebecca Flood’. With Alexandra Spence, she is co-creative producer of Tidal ~ Signal, a Vancouver-based festival dedicated to increasing representation of women and transgendered artists within the fields of sound art and experimental music


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