Ben Wylie – Object Dialogues

I will be performing in Ben Wylie’s Graduating MFA piece “Object Dialogues”. I will be playing Guitar, Harmonica, Tape Loops, and a Lamp.

Object Dialogues is a meditation on light, sound, and space for 13 performers. This work consists of a series of composed actions and events that explore the musicality of non-musical actions, the perception of space, the visualization/sonification of natural cycles such as heart beats or breathing, the objectification of instruments, and the instrumentalization of objects. Through the length of this work, the performers interact with a number of objects, ranging from the exotic to the banal, revealing the performative potential of the things that surround us. The large space of the Wong Theatre is continuously shaped and re-shaped through shifting light, moving sound, and mobile performers, resulting in something resembling a living space, changing and reacting to external factors imposed upon it by the performers. This examination of how light and sound interact with space, blurs the lines between theatre, performance art, and contemporary music; as compositional material is expanded to include actions beyond those traditionally considered to be “musical”.


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