Code of Silence

Code of Silence is a conceptual piece which combines acoustic music, performance art and pure electronic sounds.
The four performers make use of different media to re-enact and elaborate on what entails expressing thoughts and ideas in contexts where freedom of speech is compromised.
South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Canada, these are all progressive countries where we must not be scared of revealing our thoughts. However history taught us silence is often more appreciated.
On stage, direct and indirect symbolism is used to re-enact tragedies happened in those countries, under democratic governments, where freedom of expression turned first into chaos, than into death and silence.
And that’s the origin of the code of silence.

This is one of my first projects in Vancouver. Enjoy! There will be more photos soon!

Thanks so much to Ash from VANDOCUMENT for the beautiful photos and video.160115_GoldSaucer_9154_for-web


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